7. Međunarodni stručno-znanstveni skup
7th International Professional and Scientific Conference
12.-15. 9. 2018., Zadar, Hrvatska/Croatia
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3rd CONFERENCE - Borik Zadar 2010
4th CONFERENCE - Borik Zadar 2012
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3rd Conference Borik- Zadar


Held 3rd Professional and Scientific Conference

<<Occupational safety and health>>


The Conference was held from september 22nd - 25th 2010. in Zadar- Borik in the premisies of the hotel Falkensteiner.

Organizers of the Conference were:

-Karlovac University of Applied Sciences

- Croatian Institute for Health Protection and Safety at Work,

- Croatian Ergonomics society and

- Boise State University, USA

The conference was welcomed by the Dean ofthe Karlovac University of Applied Sciences, Branko Wasserbauer Ph. D., Joseph Kraljic Dr. - Head of the Department of Health and Welfare of the Zadar County. The letter of support set by the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, which was read by the Marija Zavalić,prim. Ph. D. , on behalf of organizational and professional and scientific committee Prof. Vučinić, Ph. D. The meeting was opened by the president of the National Council for Work Safety, Sonja Padovan Jemović, a member of the organizing committee.

The following act was working on the work program as follows:

-invited lectures -5

- Introductory lectures-53

- Poster presentation - 44

- Round Table -2


Over 200 scientists attended the Conference. Experts from the industry, a doctor, a specialist health and safety and fire protection, union representatives and students of important organizations and institutions from 11 countries. Overall holdings of all presentations and papers, which have aroused considerable scientific interest and the public in general, was published in the Proceedings (740 pages) that was given to each participant along with other modest gifts.

The 2nd Professional and Scientific Conference emphasized interdisciplinary approach technical knowledge of various natural, medical, social, humanities and other disciplines about the relationship of man - the workers and ensurance of all necessary conditions for safe operation. The international significance of the approach in this area was especially emphasized.

Some of the papers will be published in the scientific journal "SAFETY".


The organizers of the conference ensured excellent working conditions for the participants and even the entire stay in beautiful hotels in Falkenstarner Borik - Zadar. There was held a gala dinner followed by music for all participants, as well. On the last day of the Conference there was organized a trip to Nin and Zadar.


Special gratitude to those people who contributed to the maintenance of the Conference, to all authors and coauthors, numerous sponsors, the Karlovac University of Applied Sciences, the logistical support and the other organizers of the conferenceas well.


In organizing this Professional-Scientific Conference the largest contribution was provided by the members of the Organizing Committee as follows:

- Prof. Branko Wasserbauer, Ph. D., dean of the Karlovac University of Applied Sciences

- Prof. Jovan Vucinić, Ph. D. (President) - vice-dean of the Karlovac University of Applied Sciences

- Marija Zavalić, prim. Ph. D. (Deputy Chairman) - Director of the Croatian Institute for Health and Safety at Work,

- Sonja Jankovic Padova - president of the National Council for Occupational Safety and Director of the Croatian Health Insurance and Health,

-Prof. Ante Pavic Ph. D., -vice-dean of the Karlovac University of Applied Sciences

- Prof. Budimir Mijovic, Ph. D. - president of the Croatian Ergonomics society and the vice-dean of the Faculty of Textile Technology, University of Zagreb,

- Prof. UWE Reisehl - prof. BOISE State University in the United States,

- MA Snjezana Kirin - Secretary of the Board and Head of study: Textile at the Karlovac University of Applied Sciences

- MA Zlatko Jurac - Head of study: Occupational safety at the Karlovac University of Applied Sciences

-Jasna Krainz - Croatian Institute for Health and Safety at Work,

-Milan Vignjevic - Secretary of the Karlovac University of Applied Sciences


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