7. Međunarodni stručno-znanstveni skup
7th International Professional and Scientific Conference
12.-15. 9. 2018., Zadar, Hrvatska/Croatia
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Groups of topics

The topics proposed for the 7th International Professional and Scientific Conference Occupational Safety and Health are listed below:


1. Safety Risk Management and Risk Assurance

2. Ecology, Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development

3. Information, Education and Promotion in the System of Occupational Safety and Health

4. Technical and Technological Aspects of Occupational Safety

5. Hazardous Working Substances

6. Nanotechnology, Nanomaterials and Effect on Human Health

7. Fire Protection and Fire Fighting

8. Environmental Protection and Quality Management

9. Personal Protective Equipment

10. Human-Computer Interactions in Production Systems

11. Occupational Safety and Health Promotion

12. Military and Police in the Safety System

13. Civil Protection, Safety and Rescue

14. Social aspects of security

15. Ergonomics in Safety

16. Legislation and Implementation of EU Regulations

17. Human Factor in Maintenance, Inspection and Testing

18. Safety in Automation, Robotic Systems and Accident Prevention

19. Social Discourse

20. Safety at Work Professional


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