7. Međunarodni stručno-znanstveni skup
7th International Professional and Scientific Conference
12.-15. 9. 2018., Zadar, Hrvatska/Croatia
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About Zadar

Welcome to the city of Zadar, a city of exceptional history and rich cultural heritage, a city of tourism. Situated in the heart of the Adriatic, Zadar is the urban center of northern Dalmatia as administrative, economic, cultural and political center of the region with 92,000 inhabitants. Zadar is a city monument, surrounded by historical ramparts, a treasury of the archaeological and monumental riches of ancient and medieval times, Renaissance and many contemporary architectural achievements such as the first sea organs in the world.


The city of Zadar is an easily reached destination by land, sea and air. It has a good traffic infrastructure through which it is directly connected to other bigger cities of the Republic of Croatia: Zagreb, Rijeka, Split and Dubrovnik, with extraordinary accommodation and contemporary service of numerous marinas.

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